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Milesgo 4inch Touch Panel 86 type box installation

Product model:I4-1002 (With gateway function)
Functional Description I4-1002 is the new generation HTML5-based 4.3-inch WEB SCADA touch screen developed independently by Shanghai Sunfull Automation for field data collection, which is to be transferred directly to the SCADA screen for real-time data monitoring. The SCADA software is not only convenient to operate, but also can be installed on embedded systems. Comparing to other SCADA software, the highlight is that it is completely WEB-based, so SCADA projects created by users can be downloaded and run on the touch screen. It can be accessed through a browser on smartphones, Pads or PCs. The data interface is open to third-party for system integration.

Application field I4-1002 supports conversion to standard BACnet server and Modbus server.It is applied to BAS or industrial field to connect some uncommon control equipments,such as PLC,DDC,UPS,central air conditioner,elevator,fire control system,light control system,electricity meter, water meter,etc. This allows users to monitor on-site devices via WEB HMI I4-1002 or mobile phone ,iPAD,or PC.

Runtime environment
Win 7/Win8/Win10/Win Server 2003/Win Server2008 etc.
Browser IE9(and above) 、Safari、Google Chrome、firefox、Opera etc.

Register Type&Num
Number of Registers is dynamic,  each register can be built up to 512 points.

Hardware Parameter


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