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           Working principle(download here)

           The working principle of OPC2Web is to convert the ordinary OPC DA standard OPC server into OPC XML-DA 1 specification, so that the traditional OPC server can support WEB access. The software design of this tool aims to allow Niagara and Webs to use free and easy SoapClient interfaces, such as Kepware OPC server, industrial configuration software WinCC, and so on. In addition, the trial version can also be used as a common OPC client debugging software, but also a good choice, purely used by the client, there is no time limit, only forwarded to Web this part has 30 minutes time limit.


          Operating environment:

          OS: Windows XP/2000/2003/Win, Server, 2003/Win, Server2008/Win,Vista , Win 7/Win8/Win10 etc.


          Application domain:

          Solve the Niagara access to OPC server; solve the WEBS access to OPC server; other configuration software bar access OPC server with soap method;


          Software Features

          -Green free installation, support in Chinese and English;
          -Support read OPC server to WEB server;
          -Convenient fault diagnosis;
          -Support the import and export of data points to the EXCEL table for editing;
          -Easy to use configuration software OPC2WEB;

          Application Principle Diagram



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