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           Functional description:
           BACnetScan was developed by Shanghai Sunfull Automation Co., LTD, It is a BACnet client scan software,easy to operate and quick scan speed from machine.
           -Support BACnet Ethernet, BACnet IP and BACnet MSTP. 
           -Support read and write present value property, export EXCEL etc. 
           -Supoort Chinese and English Language.
           -Green, free installation, configurability is strong, the operation is simple, scanning speed is fast

           Software Features:
           - green free installation, configurable, simple operation, fast scanning speed;
           - support multi - country language switching;
           - support scanning BACnet devices, all points are edited into X2BACnet, X2Modbus, X2OPC;

           Application Field:
           The free debugging tool is convenient to debug the BACnet equipment on the spot.

          Application Principle Diagram:



          Software Capture:




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