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           Product Model:  O2I-Softkey, O2I-USBkey

           Function description

          -Support remote control, telemetry, remote communication, remote control;
          -Solve the power configuration software through the IEC104 protocol to monitor and control and access the data of OPC server, etc.


          Operating environment:

          OS: Windows XP/2000/2003/Win, Server, 2003/Win, Server2008/Win,Vista , Win 7/Win8/Win10 etc.


          Software Features

          -Green free installation, support in Chinese and English;
          -Support read OPC server to IEC104 server;
          -Convenient fault diagnosis;
          -Support the import and export of data points to the EXCEL table for editing;
          -Easy to use configuration software OPC2IEC104;
          -O2I-USBKey encryption dog authorization, plug and play; O2I-Softkey soft authorization, easy to use;


          Application Principle Diagram



         OPC2IEC104 Product Series




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