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          Product Model: StB-Softkey、StB-USBkey

          Function Description

          SQL2BACnet is by Shanghai sure rao automation technology co., LTD., independent  research and development of new software, this software is mainly used to solve most of building automation software cannot access the SQL database.


          Working principle

          Install the software in the equipped with SQL database computer, by reading and "SQL2BACnet" SQL database data into BACnetIP again from the station, so other configuration software on the computer just by BACnetIP agreement, can not only realize to monitor and control the SQL database.


          Application Fields

          -to solve the data access SQL database of the Johnson Metasys configuration software
          -to solve the Bactalk BAS system access SQL database
          -solve the Siemens Insight configuration software access SQL database
          -solve the SQL database on the viewlogic software of hin building automatic control system
          -to solve the software access SQL database of olis inc

          Runtime environment

          OSWindows XP/Win 7/Win8/Win10/Win Server 2003/Win Server2008/Win Vista etc.

          Browser IE9(and above) 、Safari、Google Chrome、firefox、Opera etc.

          Hardware Paramete

          GPRS Modem must support GSM mode only (SIM card of china mobile、china unicom、no china telecom ), and must be hongdian¨s cellular serial modem

           Software Features

              -Green and free installation, support both Chinese and English;
              -support to read SQL server to BACnet IP and BACnetMSTP server;
              -support nine BACnet object AI/AO/AV/BI/BO/BV/MI/MO/MV, each object support 2048 points;
              -support import and export EXCEL, easy to configure, save time;
              -easy to use configuration software SQL2BACnet;     
              -SQL2BACnet product series:  

              Application Principle Diagram:



              SQL2BACnet Product:         

    Available Protocols List.pdf

If you need to develop a non-standard protocol , please contact us.

If it is best to express the device to our company, the development cycle is usually 2 weeks.

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