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MOD1022-1U(Data Room)

          Product Model: MOD1022-1U(Rack-Mounted)

          Function Description:

          X2Modbus is a hardware Gateway with 1ethernet and 2 RS485 2 RS232. Matching software is Modbus . X means all kinds of protocols from different manufacturer. These protocols(X) can be converted by Modbus hardware Gateway into standard Modbus RTU and ModbusTCP. Configured project files by X2Modbus are uploaded to hardware gateway, users can read & write point informations from different manufacturer by Modbus system.

          1U:MOD1022-1U can bo easily installed to 19 inch cabinet. IT’s shap meets EIA specifications, and thickness is 4.445cm. The frame is provided with a screw hole for fixing the server so that it can be fixed with the screw hole of the server.


          Application Field:

          Modbus Gateway can convert all kinds of protocols into Modbus RTU and ModbusTCP . Modbus Gateway have solved the problem that some large BA Company can’t connect any uncommon devices. So Modbus system can control uncommon devices by Modbus gateway.
          BA Controls: Citect、IFIX、RSVIEW、WINCC、Kingview、e-Control etc.
          Uncommon Devices: DDC、PLC central air conditioning、elevator、fire lighting、control system electric、electric meter、water meter etc .


          Runtime environment:

          OS:Windows XP/Win 7/Win8/Win10/Win Server 2003/Win Server2008/Win Vista etc.

          Browser: IE9(and above) 、Safari、Google Chrome、firefox、Opera etc.


          Register Type:

          Modbus Gateways supports Modbus RTU/TCP server, which supports the following table types and number of registers :
          Number of Registers is dynamic, each register can be builded up to 1024 points.


           Software Features:

              -Green and free installation, support both Chinese and English;
              -close to 200 protocols can be converted into ModbusRTU and ModbusTCP  server;
              -Support WEB browsing, viewing, setting, monitoring and control;
              -Support for linear transformation, location, and high and low byte conversion;
              -Support for internal variable functions,Support to view the device from online status;
              -Support 0X 1X 3X 4X four register types;
              -Software X2Modbusconfiguration engineering is convenient,the 1024 points will be completed within 20 minutes;
              -Add a new private protocol to support Modbus, which can be completed within 2 weeks;





    Available Protocols List.pdf

If you need to develop a non-standard protocol , please contact us.

If it is best to express the device to our company, the development cycle is usually 2 weeks.

Tel:  +86-021-58776098 


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